Tuesday, June 1, 2010

lessons beginning, now

hi all.

sorry i haven't been updating. we have been busy around here.

summer has officially begun in middle georgia, and the pools are open!

i am going to start lessons this week (hoping the rain will hold off, or at least the thunder/lightning will). see pricing below. if you would like to try to do a "group" lesson, next monday at 1pm, come to the pool (directions to follow), and i will assess the swimmer for what level they would be in, and then we can start tuesday. group lesson will be t-f the first week, and m-th the second week. i would like to have a minimum of 3 swimmers/class.

please respond here or FB message me so i have an idea of how many will be showing up.

thanks for the interest and i hope to see you in the pool!! feel free to message me/comment with any questions and i will do my best to respond quickly.